And that of your own following identifies the fresh new gender of infant?

And that of your own following identifies the fresh new gender of infant? Gender of your own unborn guy relies on whether or not the ___________ provides ___________ otherwise ___________ chromosomes To know about the best ages of reproduction. Becoming conscious of safer intercourse, health and hygiene. To keep proper gap ranging from one or two children as the i visited discover different methods away from household members believed. To be aware of myths, superstition, do’s or try not to. We.Multiple choice Questions (MCQs) Buy the right option. Concern step one. The newest adolescence several months are (a) 14 – 2 decades (b) ten – 18 age (c) eleven – 19 ages (d) none ones Concern 3. Extremely kids getting their restrict height inside the age (a) twenty-two – twenty five years (b) 13-15 years (c) eleven – several years (d) 18 – 19 age Question 4. Initial females develop (a) slow than simply guys (b) shorter than men (c) these two (d) not one of those Concern 5. Puberty ages in women was (a) 10 – a dozen many years (b) twelve – 14 many years (c) 8-a decade (d) 5-six age Matter six. Puberty age within the boys is (a) a dozen – fourteen many years (b) 13 – 15 years (c) 10 – twelve ages (d) 18 -two decades Concern ten. Durations occurs after in about (a) 28 so you’re able to 30 days (b) 25 so you’re able to thirty day period (c) forty five so you can fifty months (d) not one of those Concern eleven. Exactly how many chromosomes present in peoples phone was (a) 25 sets (b) twenty-two sets (c) 23 pairs (d) nothing ones Matter 13. The age of menopause phase was (a) 45 in order to 50 years (b) forty so you’re able to forty-five years (c) fifty so you can 55 ages (d) none ones Concern 16. The gametes only have (a) one set of chromosomes (b) two sets of chromosomes (c) three sets of chromosomes (d) none of them […]