Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammatory disease affecting the central nervous system with a myriad of symptoms, which sometimes can be extremely subtle. This can vary from tingling, numbness or transient blurring of vision to frank stroke like episodes. Accurate diagnosis and early start of treatment is the key to preventing progression and disability.

Our MS clinic under the guidance of Dr. Rekha Pillai is committed to providing comprehensive care to patients with this disease in all stages with the latest treatment and rehabilitation. We are there for you with moral support, counseling and help with life style adjustments. We understand that this illness can be stressful not only to the individual but the whole family.

Our research division is involved with several trials and is offered to anyone interested even if you do not attend our clinic.

Our facility offers:

  • MRI
  • Sleep studies
  • Physical therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Intra-thecal Baclofen therapy
  • Medical Botulinum toxin therapy


Support groups for patients and their family, which will be moderated by a physician, psychologist or medical assistant is now available.